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Indianapolis’s Ballard takes aim at tax questions about preschool plan

(Photo: Shaina Cavazos)

(Photo: Shaina Cavazos)

Confusion remains for some residents over how Mayor Greg Ballard plans to fund his recently announced anti-crime initiative, which includes a $50 million public-private partnership to increase access to preschool.

At a town hall meeting Wednesday night at Southport Presbyterian Church, the mayor and his staff tried to explain: The city hopes to raise $25 million through philanthropy, but the other $25 million is planned to come from the elimination of the Homestead Tax credit, which would add $5 million each year over five years to efforts to increase preschool quality and offer scholarships to low-income families.

Mainly, the confusion arose over the Homestead Tax Credit vs. the Homestead Tax Deduction — two different things, the mayor’s chief of staff, Ryan Vaughn, explained.

“Everyone say it with me, it’s not the deduction, it’s the credit,” Vaughn said.

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