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California ranks first in after-school programs

In a national ranking, California is at the top in providing quality after-school programs based on the percentage of students involved, parent satisfaction and other factors, according to a survey by the Afterschool Alliance, an advocacy group for expanded learning.

Programs target crucial summer before college

ady. Summer bridge programs and other support during the summer after high school graduation can make the difference in whether graduating seniors — particularly from low-income families — who plan to go to college actually enroll. National studies show that from 10 percent to 40 percent of students, depending on the school district, who are intending to go to college never show up.

California bill promotes year-round learning programs

California legislators have passed a law that gives priority for federal after-school funding to schools that also have summer programs as a way to promote year-round learning. The bill also sets new quality standards for all out-of-school programs in the state.