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IPS proposal would expand preschool program

The Indianapolis Public School Board will consider expanding its fledgling preschool program to add 200 spots for four year olds by establishing 10 more preschool classes in seven schools at its Tuesday meeting.

The district established free, all-day preschool at 11 schools last fall. That program now serves 700 students, so the expansion would grow it by more than 25 percent. Four of the 10 new classes would be at the district’s preschool center at School 102. The other IPS schools with preschool classes in the fall would include School 60, School 27, School 14, School 15, School 34, School 42, School 44, School 48, School 63, School 88, School 90, School 114 and School 67.

The expansion would cost about $2 million. The district’s operations chief, Le Boler, said IPS’s goal is to continue growing the program each year.

When originally proposed by former IPS Superintendent Eugene White, the plan was to establish a program for 1,400 four-year-olds but that proposal was scaled back by the school board last year.

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