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State budget leaves dollar figure for NYC after-school expansion unclear


Expanded after-school programming is still a go in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said today, even though the state budget announced over the weekend does not set a dollar figure for the initiative.
And it is not yet clear when new state funds for after-school programming will become available, even as the city solicits bids from nonprofits to operate new programs.

De Blasio had called for $190 million in new investments for middle school after-school programs to go with the $340 million he sought to make pre-kindergarten available to all city children. But while the budget deal that legislators struck this week includes $340 million for pre-K, including $300 million just for New York City, it did not earmark any funds specifically for after-school programs.

That doesn’t mean the state isn’t freeing up new funds that could be used for after-school programming. Indeed, de Blasio said today that he believes there is a “very substantial” commitment from the state to fund after-school programs in the city.

First, the budget bill gives the city a larger-than-expected boost in annual aid — more than $400 million — and allows the city to use state aid for after-school programming.

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